Support terms and conditions

Together with general support, we provide professional services such as data manipulation and training. All work we do is controlled via this ticketing system. At this time we are not able to provide telephone support.

Be aware that some work we do will be billable based on our time used or other agreement. You will be informed of this by the tag on the ticket that shows the kind of work being done. If in doubt please ask for further information or a work estimate if required.

The types of work are as follows:

Non billable work:

  • Support question
  • Feedback
  • Presales enquiry
  • Customer service task
  • Quotation
  • Quick Start Quotation
  • Bug
  • Report bug
  • Data correction
  • Server jammed
  • System slow

Billable work:

  • Consultancy
  • Quick Start
  • Training
  • Report customisation
  • Data manipulation
  • Data investigation
  • Data extraction
  • EDI investigation
  • Project
  • Project on hold

Further details of these are as follows:

Support Question
Question about the standard functioning of the system.

A request for a new feature which is not business critical. Note that we receive a lot of feedback and can not promise to incorporate any specific requests nor to work to any specific timetable. Feature requests are only likely to be incorporated if they are generic to many of our customers.

Presales enquiry
General discussions about the functions and purpose of Manu Online while in the evaluation stage.

Customer service task
General administration questions regarding the relationship between Manu Online and our customers.

Quotation - Quick Start Quotation
Quote for work to be done. The ticket will be changed to a billable type if the customer orders the work.

Bug - Report bug
A problem with the system or a report to be fixed in a future upgrade.

Data correction
Work by a systems engineer on a user's data to fix data problems resulting from a bug.

Server jammed - Server slow
Allows us to track if a user is has reported problems with the speed or functioning of the servers.

Work ordered by a customer for a consultant to analyse the suitability or configuration of the system to suit a customer's specific business processes.

Quick start
Work done as part of the Quick Start training, data migration and system configuration package.

Training work ordered by the customer.

Report customisation
Work to customise Excel or PDF reports at the customer's direction.

Data manipulation, extraction or investigation
Work on the customer's database at the customer's request.

EDI investigation
Work investigating integration or message flow between external system, either EDI or API (Electronic Data Interchange or Application Program Interface).

Project - project on hold
Work on an agreed co-development project.


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